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Is There Angels Investor? Angels are mythological creatures whose purpose is the protection and maintenance of order. They exist in various cultures, always fulfilling this role of guardians. In the market and in the world of finance, the term angel has also been used with this meaning. Angels Investors can help new entrepreneurs and companies move forward. But do you know how to get an angel investor for your business?

Getting Investors

Getting investments, especially for startups and startups who intend to remain active in the market, is one of the main jobs of this type of entrepreneur. Angel Investors are often the right choice for many business and business cases.

These types of investors are looking for interesting companies and projects to invest in – can your business be one of them? You need to know exactly where to find your allied potential and how to make it available to your idea or plan.

To help you understand how it works, how to find investors with resources available for immediate investment, we list some important details. Knowing how Angels Investors behave and how they can provide financial assistance will undoubtedly help your leverage business.

What are Investor?

There are several types of alternative investment, investors, credit for small and medium enterprises, collective financing, working capital, etc. Angel Investors are just one of those types. Angels usually help start-up companies or need resources to get started. This type of subsidiary may even be one of the first partners.

Angels Investors usually invest between R $ 50,000 and R $ 500,000 in Startups, commercial companies and online businesses. It is worth mentioning that Angels can also be relatives, friends, acquaintances since established limits, terms and conditions. They can also help you sell your ideas or look for other potential investors.

Angel Investor is usually an entrepreneur or entrepreneur who already has an established career and is looking for new investments and intends to help start-up companies. This investor has already guaranteed stability and so can invest about 5% to 10% of its equity to help new companies.

How does investing work?

How does investing work?

Like the other types of investment, you have a commitment to this funder, in the vast majority of cases you have a minority stake in the business, so he is another partner of the venture, ie, he does not need to be a big shareholder as its beneficiary.

Usually they have no executive position in the company but support the entrepreneur acting as a mentor or advisor. This type of investor can be one of your best partners because as well as providing financial support, it can also help you to have ideas and manage your business more effectively.

When the Angel Investor is represented as a company, the process works differently. In a company, this type of transaction is usually done by a group of 2 to 5 investors. Each investment has its leading investor. The amount of these funds invested per company can reach up to 1 million reais.


How do I get Investor for my business?


How do I get Investor for my business?


Remember that first impressions are the ones that stay. Prepare a well-grounded presentation about your project or company. You, of course, must know very well the product you intend to sell. Be honest with your funder, knowing the risks and strengths of your business are basic requirements. Have your ideas well organized.

Research very well. See who can help you, companies that already realize this type of investment. Know as much as possible of your potential investor before the first conversation, this is fundamental.

There are several ways to get angel investors for your company. Today, you can either knock from door to door at companies you believe are potential lenders or use digital platforms to do this service. In addition, you can also turn to NGOs, foundations, government and other entities that realize this kind of benefit.

When you find an Angels Investor, calculate what you will need and be sure you can maintain a healthy business relationship. Evaluate the conditions of the partnership well to avoid future problems.


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