Credit without document to provide: can we really get it?


A credit agreement systematically involves documents to be provided. The list of parts can be more or less important according to its terms and conditions. The lender advances a sum of money and logically needs collateral. If credit without proof is a dream, you can still get credit without document to provide regarding its use. On the other hand, without providing any document proving his income or his identity, the credit will be refused regardless of the organization.

The myth of documentless credit

The myth of documentless credit

No organization will sign a credit without documentary evidence or a credit without proof of income. Whether you go through a loan between individuals or a conventional consumer loan, the documents are always present. The lender is responsible for ensuring the creditworthiness of the applicant. He is also required to check whether the subscriber is not in the national repayment incident file (FICP). An organization clearly cannot rely on a word or a simple online form.

For the credit contract without document to provide, yes!

If the loan without proof is a legend, one can fortunately get answers in principle and a credit agreement without document to provide. All specialist organizations offer to simulate their loans in order to better project themselves. A principled response follows, most often accompanied by a credit agreement. This is especially valid for the credit of specialists (Cetelem or Sofinco for example). Less reactive in their approach to credit, banks more often than not offer a physical meeting.

The credit contract is non-binding until it is signed and returned. Obtaining several is a great opportunity to realize the differences in supporting documents between lenders. The credit agreement is usually downloadable directly (PDF format), or simply sent by email. Connected to all the best organizations, our credit comparator allows you to obtain up to three principle responses in a single form.

Differentiate loans with or without documents to provide

Differentiate loans with or without documents to provide

We have seen that the list of documents to be provided can vary depending on the type of loan and the lender. We often speak of credit without document to provide to evoke a loan without proof of use of funds. It is actually a consumer credit in the literal sense, responding to a need for cash. It differs from the credit allocated to the purchase of a specific asset. The work loan or the motorcycle loan can for example take the form of an assigned loan. Explanations.

Personal loan, without document justifying the purchase

The personal loan without proof is a consumer credit par excellence. He can be asked to buy a vehicle, used as a wedding credit or even take a vacation. Organizations assess the creditworthiness of each borrower, considering the amount requested and their personal circumstances. This credit gives rise to a verification of the profile based on various identity documents and supporting documents (income, proof of address, etc.). The personal loan is a credit without document to provide concerning the nature of the request. There is by no means a credit without document to provide in the process of constitution of a loan file.

The credit allocated, with proof of use

The loan intended to finance an identified project is an assigned credit. Unlike basic consumer credit, it generally includes a quote or an invoice justifying the purchase in its contract. Organizations regularly offer this solution to offer more advantageous rates than those for personal loans. These more advantageous offers can be explained by the more controlled and secure aspect of demand.

Consumer credit: what documents are required?

Consumer credit: what documents are required?

If no credit without document to provide really exists, we know that the supporting documents requested may vary from one organization to another. Here is the non-exhaustive list of credit vouchers requested almost systematically during our credit simulations.

  • Identity document (national identity card or passport). 
  • Salary slip (the last or the last three).
  • Photocopy of the last tax notice.
  • A RIB intended for the payment of funds.
  • Proof of address (if different address on the tax notice).
  • Proof of sale or quote in the case of an affected loan.

Note that these supporting documents can also be requested from the co-borrower if this formula is agreed at the time of the loan. An organization is entitled to request all the necessary documents before granting or not granting the credit. Any credit proposal without document to provide is suspicious: beware of the credit scam.

Small credit without document to provide

Small credit without document to provide

Revolving credit is the flagship product in the small credit category. It is not a credit without document to provide, although it offers a great flexibility in its use. The main feature of revolving credit (all details on the public service website) is its permanent nature. It acts as a reserve of money, reusable over time.

Once a first contract of revolving credit accepted (on file and supporting documents), one can then release his money “available” over time. The portfolio is renewed by the amount reimbursed at each maturity.

The only way to use undocumented credit is to already have unused revolving credit.

This is often the case with store credit cards. It is very close to a credit without document to provide. Revolving credit without proof of use of money is generally more accessible in terms of acceptance of files than a personal loan. It is offered by organizations directly, but it can also be found in certain stores, associated with credit cards. The rates are generally always higher than on a personal loan formula. The main advantage is that you can reuse your available money several times without having to provide anything.

To obtain easy credit without proof of use, it is better to turn to a small revolving credit.

What about mini credit without proof?

The mini credit responds most of the time to an urgent situation. Any amount borrowed less than $ 200 is not subject to the law on consumer credit, some organizations have made this formula their specialty. This is the case of Viloan, which offers a credit of $ 200 or less in 24 hours.

Despite high rates (15 to 20%), this formula is well thought out to negotiate the unexpected or to finance a small purchase. Please note, the mini credit has nothing to do with a credit without document to provide. The list of supporting documents is certainly lightened but the standard documents (identity card, proof of income) will always be compulsory. We generally do not recommend mini credit, which is very expensive and which only has the aim of placing a future revolving credit as expensive.

The Truth About Credit Without Document

The Truth About Credit Without Document

Credit without document to provide does not exist in the strict sense of the term. There are more flexible formulas on the acceptance criteria (mini credit, revolving credit) and others requiring no proof of use of funds, like the classic personal loan. The so-called “assigned” credits are those which require the most documents, since the purchase must most of the time be justified by an invoice or a quote.

Credit without document to provide: no bank exception

Even banks that know perfectly – and historically – a customer will not be able to extend credit without a document to provide. This is particularly true even when all of the applicant’s income is domiciled within the establishment. You should approach your advisor to find out about the rates offered on a car loan. He will then have to reconstitute a complete file. However, keep in mind that they will generally always be higher than those of the best credit agencies.