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Bank is a financial institution that offers its clients simplicity, transparency and innovation in all the products and services available. Multi-purpose personal credit is one of the solutions of this entity and allows the Portuguese to fulfill their request simply and quickly.


Bank Personal Loan


Bank Personal Loan


Multi-purpose personal credit, as the name implies, allows the customer to use it for various purposes: whether to buy a car, to do works at home, to make a dream holiday or even to need a medical emergency.

This presents four advantages that stand out and position ActivoBank as a simple and transparent institution.

The first is the offer of a fixed interest rate of 6% over the whole term of the credit agreement. This allows the customer to know exactly the value of all their monthly installments, since these do not vary according to the interest rate fluctuation, and thus, control more efficiently your family budget.

In addition, the amount of funding available is between € 1,000 and € 75,000, a gap large enough not to force the consumer to demand more than is necessary.

Another advantage of ActivoBank personal credit consists of the payment term of the asset, which can vary between six and 84 months. In this way, the client can choose the most beneficial period for himself, taking into account his effort rate and avoiding an imbalance of his personal finances.

Finally, it should be noted that the client has the possibility to make a full or partial refund without charge. Thus, if the consumer wishes to settle the amount due before the deadline, he does not have to pay any commissions to do so.

Depending on the evaluation, the solvency and the financial situation of the client, this financial institution may require the submission by third parties of a guarantee and / or a constitution of collateral pledge.

The Annual Effective Annual Percentage Rate (APR) practiced by ActivoBank includes all charges associated with the loan, such as opening fees and stamp duty on the credit opening and interest paid. However – and this is a distinctive feature of ActivoBank – you can ask this bank to include the associated charges in the amount of the financing.

In case of non-payment, the customer may incur some extra costs, such as the default interest rate, which is added to the nominal interest rate after the default. This extra interest is in the order of 3%.

The clients of this financial entity also have rights when contracting the personal credit ActivoBank, namely regarding the possibility of access to the right of revocation – that is, the customer can revoke the credit agreement within 14 days without having to invoke reasons.

In addition, the consumer is also entitled to receive a copy of the draft agreement entered into with the institution, except in the case where the creditor does not wish to conclude it. However, before signing the contract, it is essential that the customer informs about all the conditions of the contract, as they are presented in the Normalized Information Sheet.


Insurance associated with Bank personal credit


Insurance associated with ActivoBank personal credit


Customers who have applied for an Bank personal credit can ally with Life Insurance, which protects not only the holder of the loan, but also his / her household in various situations, such as: disability, dependency, serious illness and death. Thus, in any of these eventualities, the institution will settle the amount owed.

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